(1 April 2009)


Philip and I, on behalf of all Ali Bongo's family, would like to express our thanks to all those who have supported us throughout Ali's short illness and shared in our grief since his passing. We wish we were able to respond to each one of you individually but unfortunately we are simply unable to do so. We would like everyone to know how much your support has meant to us, especially to Philip and myself.

A big thank you to all of you who have contributed, each in your own special way, either by sending the family your condolences, by contributing your thoughts to the Pongolia website, adding your articles or photos, to whose who were able to join us on Friday in celebrating his life and to those who would have like to be there but were unable to do so but who instead paid their own quiet tributes to Ali around the time of the service.

To everyone who touched his life and whose lives he touched we know that for you, as for us, his departing has left an Ali shaped hole in your lives and all we ask is that you carry on making MAGIC. Because, in Ali's own words, "Just a little touch of Magic brings a smile to every face".